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It Just Had To Be Heard

Features Professional Poet from Hamilton, New Jersey
Bishop Katrina T. Smith, Poetry in Motion 

Welcome to It Just Had To Be Heard, the site for Hamilton, New Jersey-based professional poet and artist Katrina T. Smith. You can come here to enjoy her motivational and empowering poetry or to order some for yourself or someone you love. Katrina's poems appeal to a wide audience, and you can have her write a poem specifically for you or as a gift to another.

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Life is filled with trials and tribulations, joy and peace, loss and gain, and sorrow and pain. Yet one thing always remains true: life begins when you do right by you. Katrina's mission is to inspire, challenge, and motivate people of all races to come together in unity, love themselves more, and build a relationship with God. Come and enjoy Inspirational Poetry, Spoken Word, Art, Urban, Black Art, Music, Books, Love, Relationships, Teens, Youth, & Gifts.